Finding a suitable job is difficult, especially if you’re just graduating from university. Preparing CVs, applications, and resumes, all of these require a lot of hard work. However, the hardest part is to find a suitable job vacancy that you feel is suitable for your qualification. The same problem is also faced by the recruiter. How can they find suitable talent for their companies? Luckily, recruitment agencies in Jakarta are here to help.

What are recruitment agencies?

If you’ve ever applied for a job, there is a chance that you’ve seen this type of service before. Also known as employment agencies, recruitment agencies act as the bridge that connects the employers to the potential talents. This type of service typically works on the behalf of different companies to find suitable candidates for their vacancies. 

As a job seeker, one of many advantages of using recruitment agencies is the ability to find access to a job that isn’t advertised elsewhere. As an employer, you will find a huge gallery of potential employees that you can choose from.

How does a recruitment agency work?

A company will provide a recruitment agency with a job description whenever they need to hire an employee. The agency will use the provided job description to find suitable candidates for the job. Most recruitment agencies use databases to assist their work in finding suitable talent. With these databases, recruitment agencies will search the pool of CVs in the database to match the job seeker with the vacancy.

In addition, recruitment agencies will post advertisements for a job to attract applicants. Then, the shortlisted candidates will be picked by the employers, which will be interviewed using the agency as the coordinator.

If you’re an employer, recruitment agencies are the best method to find a suitable candidate. So, don’t be afraid to use recruitment agencies Jakarta to find the matching candidates for your vacancy.

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