Marco De Gasperi
Since I was young, I’ve never stopped dreaming.

Even today I find myself dreaming, and never more so than when the mountains capture my gaze.

These dreams have always been the driving force in my life, whether I have experienced them in reality or they remain unrealised.

And to be honest, these unfinished dreams tend to mirror the regrets that I have in my life.

Today I feel compelled to realise those dreams, and I’ll begin with the very first one, the one of a boy who dreamt of nothing else by racing over a mountain.

Today my instinct has steered me to begin the story with a summit that means so much to the valley I’m from, the Ortles.
Monte Bianco - Via Normale Italiana o Via Ratti dal Rifugio Gonella

Distance 51,8 km

D+ 3.750 m


Best performance

Fabio Meraldi (1995) 6h45.24 – 4h28.36 (ascent) e 2h16.48 (descent)


Prima discesa

L'itinerario fu percorso per la prima volta in discesa il 1º agosto 1890 da Luigi Graselli, Giovanni Bonin e Achille Ratti, il futuro papa Pio XI, con le guide Joseph Gadin e Alexis Proment.


Courmayeur (1.224 m) 0,0 km

Bivio Val Veny (1.236 m) 1,5 km

Santuario Notre Dame de la Guerison ( 1.440 m) 3,8 km

Bivio Purtdud (1.537 m) 5,2 km

Baita Pramotton (1.581 m) 8 km

La Visaille (1.679 m) 8,8 km

Combal (1.987 m) 11,5 km 


** fine strada asfaltata


Rifugio Gonnella ( 3.071 m) 18 km

Col des Aiguilles Grises (3.811 m) 21 km

Piton des Italiens (4.002 m) 21,4 km

Dôme du Goûter (4.306 m) 22,2 km

Capanna Vallot (4.362  m) 23 km

Cresta de Bosses (4.500 m) 23,5 km

Montre Bianco (4.810) 24,8 km

Cresta de Bosses (4.500 m) 25,3 km

Capanna Vallot (4.362  m) 26,6 km

Dôme du Goûter (4.306 m) 27,4 km

Piton des Italiens (4.002 m) 28,2 km

Col des Aiguilles Grises (3.811 m) 28,4 km

Rifugio Gonnella ( 3.071 m) 31,6 km

Combal (1.987 m) 38,1 km 


** inizio strada asfaltata


La Visaille (1.679 m) 40,8 km

Baita Pramotton (1.581 m) 41,6 km

Bivio Purtdud (1.537 m) 44,4 km

Santuario Notre Dame de la Guerison ( 1.440 m) 45,8 km

Bivio Val Veny (1.236 m) 48,1 km

Courmayeur (1.224 m) 49,6 km

Ortles via Normale dal Rifugio Payer

Difficoltà: EEA - AG - III - PD+
19,5 km
D+: 2.045 m
Starting point: Solda (Stelvio , BZ)
Punti d’appoggio: Rifugio Julius Payer (3029 m) 

The Ortles is one of the most impressive mountains within the southern Rhaetian Alps and represents the pinnacle of the Ortles-Cevedale massif. At 3,905 metres, it is the highest peak within the Bolzano province and the region of Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol.

The common route is diverse and at times exposed. The glacier poses danger, littered with seracs and crevices, not to mention its gradient. Given the continual glacial retreat, the regular route over the Ortles has been affected, increasing its challenging nature.

Dreams ... How many dreams these guys can have? I think many, but my biggest dream is that they can become people who love the mountains, sports, sacrifices and honesty. Only then, one day, they will be proud of themselves.

With Florence Buchs Andrea Prandi @Julien Ancay  Martí Vigo Del ArcoMathieu Brunod Mirko Cocco Pascal Buchs

Monte Bianco



Record Courmayeur - Monte Bianco - Courmayeur (3.750 m D+) in 6h43’

Marco De Gasperi sets new record for the ascent and descent of the Ortles (3,905 m) in 2 hrs 36 mins


Sviluppo: 19,5 km
Dislivello positivo: 2.045 m


Marco De Gasperi  (Mountain Running & Skyrunning Athlete)


Adriano Anesa (assistance)
Adriano Greco (technical advice & mountain logistic)
Fabio Menino (photography)
Giacomo Meneghello (photography)
Giorgio Bianchi (accounting)
Lela Santelli (graphics & design)
Michele Compagnoni  (technical advice & mountain logistic)
Michele Rigamoniti (assistance)
Quinto Ciuffi (assistance)
Riccardo Frizziero (video)


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Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio


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