If you have good skills and active on LinkedIn, you will be contacted by the head hunter company. If you are used to contacted by headhunters, that’s good for you. But what if it’s your first time being contacted by them? You can use the following tips to overcome it.

Don’t Be Afraid, Be An Open-Minded Person

By responding to head hunter companies who contact you, it doesn’t mean you are disloyal to the company you work with. Even if you don’t want to change jobs or aren’t interested in the headhunter’s offer, try to keep replying to their messages. Because it makes you look more professional and polite.

Set The Right Time to Talk

Maybe the head hunter services contacted you when you were busy? Well, you can ask to speak to them outside of working hours. Don’t worry, the headhunter will understand your condition. But if you have made an appointment with them, make sure you keep the promise so that your attitude remains good and professional.

Be Polite and Professional

When it comes to the world of work, everything must be wrapped in a polite and professional manner. Even if the headhunter isn’t your co-worker or boss, you should still be professional and polite when communicating with them. Don’t forget to thank the headhunters for contacting you.

Listen to Them and Do An Evaluation

If you do an interview with them, then listen to all their explanations carefully. Ask in detail regarding their explanations, especially about job responsibilities, the business that will be completed by the position needed, who the position interacts with, and what drives the company to seek the position.

Not Suitable: Suggest Another Candidate

If you decline the head hunter company’s offer, you can recommend your partner who is suitable for the position. Your help will be a plus that the headhunter will always remember. One day, if you need them, you will be able to ask them to work together.

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